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Peace of Mind Today.

Continuous Innovation for the Future.

Trusted by golf course professionals worldwide, Rain Bird® irrigation rotors deliver industry-leading durability and exclusive innovations that boost efficiency and precision. That means we make it easier for you to maintain exceptional playing conditions across your entire course—no matter the challenges you face. Whether you choose the flexible 702/752, versatile 952 or reliable block rotors, you'll find the reliability only Rain Bird can offer.

Intelligent Communication

In an easy-to-use design, IC CONNECT™ simplifies course management. Collect crucial data from the field and centralize control of greens fans, lighting, fountains and water features.

Intuitive Connection

Your Central Control directly connects to your rotors and valves and minimizes complexities, simplifies troubleshooting, saves on labor costs and improves aesthetics by eliminating satellites and hubs from your course.

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