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Make Your Investment Work Smarter


You can’t be everywhere at once. The Rain Bird® Integrated Control System (IC System) changed the remote irrigation game and continues to offer intelligent benefits other systems can’t match. Connect your Central Control directly to rotors and valves to streamline installations, check diagnostics and troubleshoot from anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer. Make the smarter choice with IC System for powerful, precise property management.

Intelligent Communication

In an easy-to-use design, IC CONNECT™ simplifies course management. Collect crucial data from the field and centralize control of greens fans, lighting, fountains and water features.

Intuitive Connection

Your Central Control directly connects to your rotors and valves and minimizes complexities, simplifies troubleshooting, saves on labor costs and improves aesthetics by eliminating satellites and hubs from your course.

Instant Confidence

Advanced two-way communication from the field to your Central Control catches issues before they become problems and provides assurance your system is working–so you can focus on success.

Easier to Install. Simple to Maintain.

IC System eliminates the most common challenges of traditional systems. Less wire and fewer components means you have less to buy, install, maintain and troubleshoot. 

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